Sunday, September 23, 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt...

Giliran Artikel  pulak . Kali ini artikel berkaitan dengan selulit lagi.
Semoga berguna untukku dan anda ..

The Coffee And Cellulite Solution

If you are seeking a method to help reduce dimpled skin fast not to mention without the need of a tremendous amount of painstaking effort, then this coffee and cellulite method is certainly what you should to be using. It is very simple to do, straightforward, and lastly, hugely powerful! All you’ll have to have is a simple bowl, plenty of coffee grinds, and your desired moisturizing gel or cellulite cream. When you have these things, you should get things moving along.
To start this coffee and cellulite technique properly simply take the ground coffee and mix it vigorously with the lotion or celulite cream. Once you have completed blending them together, go ahead and do one more round of mixing just to be completely sure they’re well mixed; this is essential! Once this process is finished, grab this bowl of “lotion” and commence coating it onto your cellulite affected body parts — your legs, your stomach, your butt, your arms, and anywhere else. Has the lotion been applied? Okay then, now go take a seat someplace and wait for roughly one hour. When that time passes, rinse away this coffee and cellulite cream mixture using warm water.
How Does This Cellulite Coffee Cure Actually Work?
It may well sound strange as well as farfetched that something this remarkably simple is often used to eliminate cellulite deposits, but nonetheless, it works. The simple fact of the matter is that this works so effectively SOLELY due to caffeine; which, in case you didn’t know, is one of the most reliable weapons to fight & prevent cellulite.
Caffeine, whenever soaked up through the skin, enhances blood flow and blood circulation. In addition to that, caffeine also aids with the body-wide breaking up of fatty tissue deposits that are found directly underneath the skin — what we frequently refer to as “cellulite”. As your bloodflow becomes healthier and your circulation begins to improve, the cellulite “infesting” your body will get significantly more “uncomfortable” in this quickly changing environment. In the simplest of terms, it will no longer be able to survive and “prosper” like it had before.
The Way To Improve Success With The Coffee And Cellulite Cure…
- Water Is A Great Weapon. This will help to purge the toxins and unhealthy waste products that can be released due to the increase in blood flow and circulation.
- Exercise. Whether it is during or after the coffee and cellulite remedy, ensure you devote a minimum of thirty to forty minutes of cardio or aerobic exercise. Despite the fact that it’s not exactly “mandatory” to produce results with this approach, it should be able to increase your chances of success 100 fold.
- Do It Daily. You really should be employing the coffee and cellulite remedy each and every day if you want positive, long-lasting results. And if you are truly smart, you might even do it at night too!
- Fast Massage. Do not just put the lotion on, DEEPLY massage it in instead. In fact, if you can, try to get your hands on a handheld cellulite massaging tool to make this really easy, not forgetting exponentially more potent.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jalan-jalan ke Kuching..

Assalamualaikum wbt....bertemu kembali.
Sempena Hari Malaysia
Lobby Hotel 360
Pandangan Sungai dari tingkat 18 Hotel 360
Mee Kolok yang terkenal di Kuching
Polis berbasikal di Waterfront Kuching
...di kedai kraf
Ikan masin terubok...mesti beli punya..
Bilik hotel yang sangat luas
Di Pasar Satok...beli ikan terubok
Bot Laju